Step by step procedure to download the new app

    The android platform to download the games, movies, books and the magazines is Google play store only. Here some of the applications are available for free and also for the paid one aloes. The user can easily download and install these apps in to their device width the help of the play store. So those who are having the android device they can browse the Google play store and search the favorite apps on your games. For the users convenient Google built an inbuilt app that will call as play store. So the user will easily browse and download these apps from the play store. Suppose your device is not having the inbuilt app means then you can download by Use the 4 keys here we given.

Steps followed to download:

            The most important one is to check the internet connection in your device. Check the connection by opening the browser. Go to the application and open the play store options. If it is not available in y our devices then search for the android market and then open it. Then you could upgrade in these any one the app. During these checking time there could be of the fine internet connection. So at the time of clear connection you could odd this work. Then you login the grail account then the play store app will be automatically login for you. Then find the apps what you need and find out the installation button and click it. After this some of the app will ask the accept and download option click it and download. This is the last step at the time of downloading the Google play stores.

  After completion of the downloading if there is some issues in opening the apps means the there could error may be occur it. For this you will uninstall it and then install means mostly it will be corrected. The next one is there is no connection retry, at these time you can check the internet connect in your device. To clear this select the download manager and tap in to the clear data and the clear cache. So Use the 4 keys above mentioned to download the play store from the Google for your device.