Ready to play the gracing sport

Skating on ice is the reputation and fast growing sport in worldwide. If you find the players participated in this sport it looks amazing to watch. According to me personally, people should have the courage to participate in this sport and enjoy it. Some may play it for having fun but some are very serious about it.

Ice skating is the sport moving on ice with the help of skating accessories. It will be conducted by many organisations and this game also gives its presence in Olympics. We have to know the importance of this sport and it is not a just a sport. Beyond that, it makes the person free from stress and tension. We can also consider it as a stress buster.

figure skates

Types of ice skating

There are several types of ice skating such as figure, hockey, bandy, racing, touring, recreational and double runner. The figure skating is the sport moving on the surface of ice by using the boots and blades attached at the bottom of it. It is to get the grip and jump from one place to another surface of ice. It is not much easy to play this sport and the player should get applause when he or she enters into it. The audience cheers up them and the judges will be there to award the scores.

According to the sport of figure skating, the judges are awarded the scores by how the players jump , they notice the perfection and style of the players. They also check the perfection by directly going to the surface of ice and examine the blades how long it went. It is the sport disciplined into men’s singles, women’s singles, pair skating and ice dancing in Olympics. The players are working hard to give their best in the sports and beat the score than others. It is competitive so it is interested to watch it.

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