Compatible bookkeeping softwares with Time Clock Genie and why is it necessary

Bookkeeping or Report keeping is indispensable for any business to grow. It aids to organise and store the important information and financial/accounting documents. Without a proper financial management, it becomes hard to handle business. Many businesses have even failed due to lack of maintained financial records. With Time Clock Genie, the process of bookkeeping has become simpler. This reliable and accurate software is accessible for free. To check for more details or to download the software, visit

Bookkeeping with Time Clock Genie

Time Clock Genuine is a secure software as it assigns the right to clock in and clock out only to specific computers. By visiting, you can check the software yourself and even connect the supportive customer care for queries.

Control Panel

It allows you to get an overview of the weekly requests, upcoming meetings and schedule. The employees start their shift by clocking in and clock out while leaving.

Time Clock Software


You can plan your employee’s schedule and include exclusive features like a request for vacation. With Budget Wize feature, you can calculate the payroll for a week or even a month.

Anytime, Anywhere!

Mobile Connect allows you to access the software through your phone or tablet. You can clock in or out, review the attendance or manage other settings.

Importance of Bookkeeping


With the help of Bookkeeping, the business can realise overspending (if any) and rectify it. Moreover, it even helps to inform whether the company is in profit. Many times, the business owners do not keep track of it, without realising the wastage of money while solely focusing on cash flows. It may warn you about an approaching financial crisis too.

Track the progress

Bookkeeping can give a proper financial analysis of the development of your business. Your data will be ready and easily accessible. Since you have the data of past years, you can compare the performance and rectify the mistakes. Besides, you can trim the unnecessary costs. It can help to reach a financially sound decision.

Tax and Management

The tax authorities require the proper financial reports of your business. Bookkeeping lets you have the important documents whenever you want them. It saves your time to find previous bills or files.  Besides, it enables you to have up-to-date follow-ups on the customer payments, invoicing and the payment to the suppliers. You’ll be in charge of everything.

Bookkeeping is essential to survive in this cut-throat competition, where everyone wants to be on the top. It manages the daily activities and keeps the progress at a steady pace.